Micrel in Symposium at the Annual Meeting of The Netherlands Society of Anesthesiologists held in Maastricht, May 2


Micrel in a Symposium at the Netherlands Society of Anesthesiologists NVA Congress 2012 in Maastricht co-organized with its distributor in the Netherlands, Eurocept Group.

     Prof Xavier Capdevila (MD, PhD, Head of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Department, University Hospital of  Montpellier) presented an inspiring story about the unambiguously positive effects of pain treatment by means of continuous peripheral nerve blocks (CPNB or PNB), titled "Post-operative continuous peripheral nerve blocks improve patient outcome".

Dr Philipe Macaire (MD, Consultant of Anesthesiology Department Reashid Hospital Trauma Centre Dubai Health Authority) made an outstanding Oral communication to the Dutch Society of Anesthesiologists; "The new paradigm of telemedicine for postoperative pain management is on the way". He vividly presented how telemedicine through PCA pumps could improve patient care in post-operative pain management.