Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral Nutrition (PN) is the delivery of nutritional solutions intravenously to a patient, bypassing the normal digestion route. It is used when the gastrointestinal tract of a patient is not functional. The nutritional solutions can contain water, lipids, amino acids, glucose, vitamins or any other nutritional requirements. Usually a daily volume of two to three litres of nutritional solution per patient is required. PN can take place both at hospital or home depending on the conditions of the patient.

Parenteral Nutrition has traditionally been delivered through the use of a large infusion pump or a gravity driven method, usually over 12 hours or more each day. However, especially when PN is taking place at home, in which case it is called Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN), a smaller and lighter infusion system is required, to ease the mobility of the patient. This HPN infusion system should offer mobility to the patient both during the night, when nutrition usually takes place, and during the day for any social and outdoor activities, such as going to school or work.

The Mini Rythmic™ PN+ can be accompanied by the MicrelCare service that enables remote monitoring of the therapy by care givers and allows protected online access to historical and real-time infusion data e.g. alarms, events, remaining feeding bag volume. MicrelCare also offers significant value to the therapy management because it makes it possible to collect indications about possible central venous catheter (CVC) occlusion through the regular monitoring of infused and delivered volumes. More information about the Mini Rythmic™ PN+ is available in our products section.

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