Rythmic™ Accessories

  • Waist Bag
    Micrel 76
  • Battery Pack for Mini Rythmic PN+ Pumps
    Mini Rythmic Bag - KM1.YY.400.x (2)
  • Parenteral Nutrition Rucksack
    micrel 36
  • Parenteral Nutrition Rucksack
    micrel 03
  • Portable Printer
    micrel 41
  • Waist Bag
    micrel 26
  • Paediatric Rucksack with detachable wheels
    Micrel 66
  • Inside of Paediatric Rucksack with detachable wheels
    Micrel 63
  • Paediatric Rucksack with detachable wheels
    Micrel 62
  • Rucksack black 4L with removable wheels
    Micrel 54
  • Rucksack black 2L / 2 pumps with removable wheels
    Micrel 48
  • Rucksack Pediatric 2L-2 pumps, pink, blue or black
    Micrel 69
  • Mini Rythmic Evolution Blue - disposable bag (1)
  • rsz_mini_rythmic_perf_insitu
  • Banana Carrying Bag

All Rythmic™ Accessories have been designed to significantly improve patients' quality of life during the course of their treatment. We know from our long experience in infusion that easy to use, reliable and quiet infusion pumps are necessary but are not enough. Patients need to have a complete infusion system that they can comfortably carry around and that feels part of their lives.

We have therefore developed a range of accessories to accompany our Rythmic range that make our therapeutic devices truly ambulatory, both in a home or hospital environment. These accessories have been designed and improved following continuous feedback by doctors, nurses and patients. They are therefore tailored to meet the expectations of the real users and successfully address any therapy specific constraints.

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Power Adaptor Description
  Micrel power adaptors can be used as DC supply for Rythmic™ Pumps

Specifications: 6W, 11VDC, 500mA output.
Tested according to EN 60601-1 (Medical safety).

Order part no. KS5.01.615.x
Battery Pack Description
  Micrel Battery pack can be used as DC supply for Rythmic™ Pumps

Specifications: 8VDC, 500mA output.
Tested according to EN 60601-1 (Medical safety).

Order part no. KP5.04.113.x
IP Connect Pack  Description

IP Connect™ is a GSM/GPRS device that can be attached to the Rythmic™ pumps and enables them to comunicate wirelessly to Micrelcare service.

It also serves as a battery.

Order part no. KP5.04.259.x

Pole Clamp Description
  For safe fixation on IV pole, with fixation to store the power adaptor when moving away with the pump. Order part no. KS5.01.430.x Pole Clamp Rythmic
Order part no. KS5.04.016.x Pole Clamp mini Rythmic PN with bag
Order part no. KS5.04.017.x Pole Clamp mini Rythmic PN
Disposable bags Description

Single-use bag for one Rythmic™ pump.

Order part (Pack of 20 pieces):
Disposable Carrying bag for Rythmic™ KM1.YY.547.x
Disposable Carrying bag for Mini Rythmic™ KM1.YY.566.x
Disposable Carrying bag for Rythmic™ Organiser 500/501 ΚΜ1.ΥΥ.548.x

Waist Carrying Bag Description

Waist / Shoulder carrying bag for Mini Rythmic pumps.

Tailored to ambulatory use, the bag can include a mini Rythmic pump, the infusion set and the drug bag (commonly 100 to 200 ml, up to 500 ml in some cases). There is also space for an IP connect to have access to the infusion over the web.

Order part no. KM1.YY.506.x

Micrelcom Cord Description
  Connecting cord for RS232 Rythmic™ output port to SuB D 9 pin PC input.

Order part no. KS5.04.001.x
Rythmic™ Carrying and Isothermal Bags
  Carry bags suitable for a pump and 200-500ml or up to 1000 ml solution for high volume portable infusions.

Isothermal bag for temperature sensitive drugs.

Order part no. KM1.YY.318.x for 200-500ml carrying bag.
Order part no. KM1.YY.279.x for 1000ml carrying bag
Order part no. KM1.YY.317.x for Isothermal bag
Rythmic™ Rucksacks Description

Wide range of Rythmic Rucksacks for parenteral nutrition, both pediatric (2L) and adult (3L) and for one, two or three drug ways (pumps). Also available with detachable wheels.

Order part no.:

Rucksack Adult Black 4L  KM1.YY.577.x
Rucksack Adult 4L / 2 pumps  KM1.YY.481.x
Rucksack Adult 2L- 4L/ 3 pumps  KM1.YY.366.x
Rucksack Pediatric Black 2L / 2 pumps KM1.YY.578.x
Rucksack Pediatric Pink 2L / 2 pumps KM1.YY.564.x
Rucksack Pediatric Blue 2L / 2 pumps KM1.YY.565.x
Universal Micrel Trolley for Rucksacks ΚS5.04.185.x
Rythmic™ Complete Package 
  Rythmic™ Pumps come in a complete package with plastic storage case, battery, carry bag with belt, a set of keys for the reservoir compartment and patient hand set for PCA/PCEA applications.

The above list is indicative as new products are constantly being added in our product lines. If you cannot find a suitable product code for your application, please contact us to assist you in finding the right solution for you.

You can download the following quality certificates from the "About Us | About Micrel" section:

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ISO 9001

ISO 13485

ISO 14001

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