MP (Micropump™) Infusion Sets

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Micrel Medical Devices offers various types of Infusion Sets for Subcutaneous Infusion.

27G and 28G sets can be used for many therapies and are widely used in Thalassemia and Parkinson's treatment.

25G sets are specifically designed to infuse the viscous Immunoglobulin drug and are the perfect complement of the MP mlh+ for Immunotherapy. 25G sets can also be used for Parkinson's treatment.

The MP Infusion Sets are to be used with the appropriate MP range pumps. Please click on the Specifications Tab on the right to see the available infusion sets and their specifications.

Type Cat. Number & Description Packaging
 90°  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.110.1 INFUSION SET 28GX08mmX80cm   25 pcs/box
 90°  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.111.1 INFUSION SET 28GX10mmX80cm   25 pcs/box
 Straight  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.112.1 INFUSION SET 27GX10mmX80cm   25 pcs/box
 Straight  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.113.1 INFUSION SET 25GX20mmX80cm  25 pcs/box
 90°  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.114.1 INFUSION SET 25GX8mmX80cm  25 pcs/box
 90°  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.115.1 INFUSION SET 25GX12mmX80cm  25 pcs/box
 Y 90°  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.127.1 Kath YI (25Gx8mmx80cm)  25 pcs/box
 Y 90°  ΚΕ1.ΕΕ.128.1 Kath YI (25Gx12mmx80cm)              25 pcs/box

The above list is indicative, as new as new products are constantly being added to our product lines. If you cannot find a suitable product code for your application, please contact us to assist you in finding the right solution for you.

MP Thalapump 20 brochure

MP mlh+ brochure

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