A full range of ambulatory
infusion solutions

Rythmic™ Infusion Pumps

Rythmic Evolution (Blue)

Rythmic™ Evolution Blue is an ambulatory infusion pump designed to meet the safety, reliability and comfort that HCPs and patients expect.

Rythmic Evolution (Yellow)

Aiming to reduce the risk of medication errors in epidural and intrathecal routes, we make available a colour coded device to be used in accordance to local practices.

Mini Rythmic PN+

The Mini Rythmic™ PN+ simplifies self-administration for patients and is available with a range of accessories and rucksacks designed for both adults and children, for greater portability for all.

Rythmic Perf+

Rythmic™ Perf+ is designed to meet the safety, reliability and comfort that HCPs and oncology patients expect. The Rythmic™ Perf+ ensures that patients receive their full prescribed treatments, safely and in the right amount of time.


An innovative web-based care management platform, targeted to transform patient monitoring into routine practice.

Rythmic™ Administration Sets

Rythmic Administration Sets

All-In-One administration sets that contain all necessary components such as air eliminator filter, non-return and anti-siphon valve, extension line and reservoir bag.

Yellow Rythmic™ Administration Sets

Yellow colour coded administration sets are designed for easy identification. To avoid misconnections an NRFit range is also available.

Rythmic Administration Sets with different filter sizes

Safe by design, innovative administration sets developed for accurate drug delivery in any setting.

Rythmic Extension Lines

Completing our Rythmic™ Administration Sets, extension lines are also available to cover patients’ needs.

MP Portable Syringe Pumps/Drivers

Micropump MP mlh+ Multi Syringe 

The portable syringe driver designed for simplicity and freedom. A simple and reliable infusion solution that uses 10-50ml standard syringes supporting multiple infusion therapies.

MP Thalapump 20

An easy-to-use syringe driver with minimal impact on daily activity while accurate during delivery.

Micropump™ MP 101+

The MP 101+ syringe driver has been designed for ambulatory use and is suitable for hospital and home care use for pain management and other infusions.

Micropump™ MP Daily+

Micrel MP Daily+ syringe pump offers accurate delivery and is easy to maintain with a trouble-free set-up.



Especially designed for Parenteral Nutrition and taking into consideration the diverse patient requirements Micrel offers a wide range of rucksacks that assist everyday life.

Carrying solutions 

For patients that need to have a complete infusion system and comfortably carry it around, we have developed a range of accessories to accompany our Rythmic™ infusion pumps.

Single use bags

Tailored to meet the expectations of the real users and successfully address any therapy specific constraints, single use bags are available to allow mobility in a hospital or home environment.

Other accessories

Following continuous feedback by doctors, nurses and patients, different accessories have been developed to support and accompany our Rythmic™ and MP range.

Technical Support & Training

Technical Support

We offer implementation support and online training to help users get the most out of their new device. Online training is available in multiple languages for various pump models.


Covering a wide range of therapy areas and their specific requirements, Micrel offers diverse infusion solutions and services for in and outpatient care.