Parenteral Nutrition

Why Micrel

Micrel offers the Mini Rythmic™ PN+, a portable parenteral nutrition system that meets requirements for both adult and pediatric patient use and assists significantly in improving the patient’s quality of life.

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Mini Rythmic™ PN+

Ambulatory Infusion Pump

The Mini Rythmic™ PN+ simplifies self-administration for patients and is available with a range of accessories and rucksacks designed for both adults and children, for greater portability for all.


Infusion Remote Monitoring System

Patients may be depending on an infusion pump for all of their nutritional needs. When they are able to return home, they need to have complete confidence in their infusion device. MICRELCARE helps to empower your patient to self-care at home.

Therapy information

Home Parenteral Nutrition





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