Why Micrel

With an increasing focus being placed on addressing pain in obstetrics and producing a higher degree of maternal comfort during and after labour, we design and develop drug infusion devices that enable an improved patient experience. 

A supportive tool
during birth delivery

How Micrel can help

Rythmic™ Evolution (Yellow)

Αmbulatory Infusion Pump

Rythmic™ Evolution Yellow enables tailored epidural analgesia and supports HCPs’ global initiative for the use of Programmed Intermittent Epidural Boluses (PIEB).


Infusion Remote Monitoring System

Each Rythmic™ device has the optional support of MICRELCARE, the web-based care management platform that can help HCPs monitor their patients’ infusions remotely and provide further reassurance and information on the infusion status.

Therapy information





Acute Pain Management

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